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Dehesa de Luna, Biodiversity Reserve Estate, a Mediterranean forest scattered with holm oaks and scrubland inhabited by fauna native to the Campo de Montiel: imperial eagles, goshawks, red partridges. More than 3.000 hectares currently make up the estate and only 64 are dedicated to organic wine cultivation.

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The vineyard has been especially designed to respect the landscape, covering the surroundings of the centenary holm oaks, that were here before us.

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Quality and sustainability

de Luna

Our vineyard is a master lesson in viticulture and sustainability. Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Graciano, Syrah, Garnacha Blanca y Garnacha Tintorera… they are the main characters of our vineyard.

Quality and sustainability

de Luna

Beyond the singular characteristic of our wines, there is always a human team concerned about the care of the environment that surround us: fauna, flora, water, fresh air… Every element matters.

This teamwork philosophy requires a double effort. However, this work allows us to strike a balance between quality and land conservation.

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The meadows extended along La Roda (Albacete) are home for a multitude of animal and plant species. In the middle of this extension, far away from lights and loud of the city, is where our winery is settled.

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Beyond the respect for the landscape and animals that guard the meadows, cover plants, conduction systems and a special water irrigation system are implemented in our vineyards.

We reduce our environmental impact and our soil thanks us for our respect and commitment in form of extensive vineyards rich in life. The result? Excellent wines that transfer, with every sip, the essence of our land.

A Journey
through senses

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