Dehesa de Luna Graciano 2017
Dehesa de Luna Graciano 2017
Dehesa de Luna Graciano 2017
Dehesa de Luna Graciano 2017

Dehesa de Luna Graciano 2017


Intense and elegant body, the DDL Graciano 2017 brings all magic from our vineyards in a sensational and full of life red wine. It is does like the birds that inhabit in our land: flying in the highest sky. Do you want to feel its happiness?

Packaging: composed by corn starch, recyclable and compostable.

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There are versions of classics that surpass the classic itself by adding their own personality. And this is our interpretation of the Graciano variety, which is reaching new heights. Our original tones make it special and they are as much due to the climatic conditions as the earth at Dehesa de Luna. Graciano is a very full wine, of a lively cherry red colour, aromatic and contemplative, that makes you close your eyes. Combined with black fruits and spicy aromas, which fill the mouth with the same bouquets. It stands out boldly, with an acidity which is typical of the variety and a considerable body.









Awards and honours

mundus vini


100% Graciano


10 months in 500-litre French oak barrels

Appelation of origin

Wine from Spain. Dehesa de Luna winery.

Alcoholic Vol

14,50% Alc / Vol. For people above 18 years.

A balanced

Tasting notes:

Extremely dark wine with blue tones giving a youthful sensation. Intense and elegant on the nose, expressed with an extensive aromatic palate dominated by balsamic, spiced, and mineral notes. A wine to discover, it won’t leave you indifferent. Well-rounded on the palate, where the combination of its acidity and polished tannicity fills the mouth from beginning to end.


Carnes grasas y a la barbacoa. Aconsejamos entre otros el lomito ibérico curado elaborado por Extrem Puro Extremadura

Wine Making:

Fermentation at a moderate temperature, with maceration limited to the skins, and ageing in used barrels with a greater capacity than normal (500 litres), to capture in the bottle the expression of this variety cultivated in our soil and climate conditions.

Dehesa de Luna Graciano

We encourage you to taste the great range of aromas that this product brings us. Find out all its hints! Black fruit, aromatic palate dominated by balsamic, spiced, and mineral notes. A balanced combination that transmits the distinguish part of this Graciano, not common in our area, with a classic name because of the grape but a unique personality.

Beyond its aromatic richness, this red wine stands out because of his high acidity level, intensified during malolactic fermentation in French oak barrel. With any doubt, one of the reasons of his characteristic flavour.

It rings your bell? We encourage you to fit your special events with this wonderful wine from Dehesa de Luna. Furthermore, the price of Graciano wine makes it great for a formal and informal occasion.

With all 5 senses

Dehesa de Luna Wine

Great wines need to be enjoyed with all senses, from the sight to touch. There are many ways to taste our red wine 100% Graciano.

Your eyes will give you a first clue with the intense cherry colour with glimpses of blue notes. A sample of youth and happiness! But don’t just stand there: listen carefully the magic of our land while opening the bottle and seeing it down the sides of the glass.

Be patient and stop to recognise an aroma: you will detect a huge number of distinctive hints. Then let the touch and taste make de rest.

The Graciano 2017 is available with a great price, supported by the extremely good quality of our grapes and the handcrafted process. Try to feel the love of our land.

With all 5 senses

A Unique Graciano

The huge richness from the grape that gives the bottle the name, a native variety from La Rioja, have encouraged other producing regions to develop this grape potential. Simply exquisite.

Graciano grape is not the only main factor that give us such a great quality wine. It was born among expert winemakers and the land that surround us full of flora and fauna.

The entire process of making this wine suits perfectly the environment where is surrounded. How? Basically, from Finca Dehesa de Luna we strive to ensure the good condition of the species that live in it, being here a long time before us.

Furthermore, we protect our vineyards soil form abrasion with a plant cover that acts as CO2 sinks and manage to take advantage of every drop of water during cultivation process. Also, the sunlight! We work with solar panels to increase our sustainability of our production process.

You are just one step away from buying our Graciano wine through our online store. Let yourself being transported to Dehesa de Luna winery. Enjoy it!

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The pleasure resides in enjoying every moment with all 5 senses.

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