A Journey
through senses

Our winery

Organic wines

Native varieties, vineyards innovation and environment commitment are in every step we take.

Our winery

Organic wines

Vineyards has been designed respectful with the landscape, surrounding the holm oaks that were here before us.

Los Tintos


Gran Luna 2016

Gran Luna goes further. It is the result of having wished to go very far in its composition. The ability to carry on this wine is armed with the diversity and complexity of our vineyard plots.

The pleasure

Graciano 2016

Intense and elegant body, the Dehesa De Luna Graciano 2017 brings all magic from our vineyards in a sensational and full of life red wine. It is does like the birds that inhabit in our land: flying in the highest sky. Do you want to feel its happiness?


Purgapecados 2018

DDL Purgapecados is one of our greatest jewels that is born in our vineyards. Made up with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that gives you from the first sip the essence where it comes: from Campo de Montiel (Albacete) vineyards to the French oak barrels, with 14 months ageing. A full-bodied wine, perfect pairing for red meat and dark sauces.

The origins

Orígenes 2018

With the enormous desire to honour our roots, Dehesa de Luna Orígenes was born. A special red wine that catches all our history and culture. Furthermore, the essence of the land where we are surrounded by, filled of life, colours, and values. Do you want to feel it in your palate?

El Blanco

Garnacha blanca 2020

Dehesa de Luna extends in the heart of Campo de Montiel, an unctuous and wonderful landscape where our high-quality grapes are grown giving us such great wine like DDL Garnacha Blanca


The Fragrance

Dehesa de Luna Rosé 2020

Like summertime, Dehesa de Luna Rosé is fleeting and intense at the same time. A perfect wine to feel the essence of your environment and cheers for life those you love the most.

Un virgen Extra

Among vineyards

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is made by olives from Picual variety. This olive oil owes its name to the fact that its olives end in peak.

Quality and sustainability

de Luna

Do you want to taste our bottled jewels?

You can do just bringing yourself to the place where they come from: an enormous landscape, full of life and surrounded by untouched nature.

You will take a walk through our vineyards, visit the winery… Then you will understand how a wine is impregnated with the land where it is cultivated. Fly with us around this organic paradise.

Our Good work

Much more
than a winery

Oenological innovation and tradition come together to offer a unique product taking the maximum care about the land that hosts our vineyards.