Orígenes White 2023

Orígenes White 2023


Dehesa de Luna extends in the heart of Campo de Montiel, an unctuous and wonderful landscape where our high-quality grapes are grown giving us such great wine like Dehesa de Luna Garnacha Blanca

It is, without doubts, a faithful representative wine about the lifestyle breathed among our vineyards, with a soft and happy body that makes it perfect for any event.

Packaging: composed by corn starch, recyclable and compostable.

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“Botero was here”. The famous painter could have dedicated this to us, should we have coincided in time and space with Grenache Blanc in our hands. He would have felt at home. Because this wine is like one of his sculptures. Voluptuous. Elegant. Everything about it is big. It’s abundant and complex on the nose, where sweet aromas such as honey appear, along with flowers and white fruit. Very reminiscent of the artist. In the mouth it is unctuous, with a lot of volume and a marked acidity. This accentuates and provokes admiration, just like the strokes of his art, If only to compare it to his dangerous curves. The small amount of Viognier adds complexity to the nose - without fear of feeling different, believing itself special, providing citrus notes -, and accentuates the glycerine mouthfeel.

That’s the way this wine is: rounded.


Garnacha blanca


Lychee - Apple





Awards and honours

mundus vini


100% Garnacha Blanca


3-4 months with its lees in a stainless-steel tank.

Appellation of origin

Wine from Spain. Finca Dehesa de Luna.


14% Alc./Vol. For people above 18 years.

A wine
with volume

Tasting notes

Bright pale yellow in colour with steely shimmerings. Magnificent aromatic intensity, floral notes, with anise and white fruit (apple). Unctuous and with a great deal of volume. Its ageing on lees, the contribution of the barrel and its acidity allow it to evolve in the bottle in an extraordinary and surprising way. A great wine.


Exquisite as a starter with fried almonds from our Estate, or as a main to accompany turbot, smoked salmon or sushi.

Wine Making

Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a maximum temperature of 15ºC, which was extended 10 days. (*) 10% of the resulting wine was aged on lees in used French oak barrels and the rest remained on lees in concrete egss and stainless steel tanks. Subsequently, both batches were assembled before bottling.

Orígenes White

Bright, tasty, and powerful. A product that, before anything else, surprise in your eyes with pale yellow decorated with golden edges. Then, a high aromatic intense comes to your nose. Apple, lychee…

Finally, amazing bodied and velvety white wine that never goes unnoticed.

You can enjoy this wine on every occasion. Alone or with the best company. You choose!

With all 5 senses

Organic and

Our main aim is love and respect for the environment where we live. Therefore, during the past 15 years he have implemented measures that allows us to take advantage of every drop of water, the sunlight, and all natural resources that the nature bring us.

This is how our high-quality variety is born. If you want to purchase for Garnacha Blanca wine online, is the perfect moment!

Con los 5 sentidos

Blanca whine,
a proper

Remind that you can taste our extremely good wines a 100 km away from big cities, surrounded by a fantastic landscape and a lively nature.

The Dehesa de Luna Garnacha Blanca is waiting for you!

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The pleasure is in enjoying each moment with all the senses

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