A Journey through the senses

An organic winery

The Dehesa de Luna winery stands in a privilege place, surrounded by 2.800 hectares of untouched nature guarded by animal and plant species that inhabit in the area. If a wine is impregnated with the land where it is cultivated, what kind of wine would come from grapes cultivated in this landscape?


Gran Luna



Garnacha Blanca

Dehesa Rosé

Aceite de Oliva

Quality and sustainability

de Luna

Today, more than 15 years after of making ourselves this question, we are an organic winery that has been awarded internationally because of the wines and its environmental commitment.

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An unforgettable journey

Enjoy a complete guidance visit. Learn and taste every place of our meadows. Includes:

 Total visit to our buildings

  Vineyard tour

  Winery’s hall tour

 Wine tasting and appetizer

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