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Far away from the noisy of the city with an immense extension of untouched nature, our winery is settled. Quiet, discreet… in harmony with the landscape that surround us.

Do you want to walk through our vineyards, visit our winery and taste the nuances of our land?

Enjoy the experience

An unforgettable

Enjoy a complete guidance visit. Learn and taste every place of our meadows. Includes:

 Total visit to our buildings

 Vineyard tour

 Winery’s hall tour

 Wine tasting and appetizer

 A discount for Online purchases

A journey through
the senses

Duration of the Visit

2h tour of the vineyard, the winery and the tasting

Visiting hours

12h - 14h / Monday · Wednesday · Friday


Min. 4 people / Max. 14 people

*Exceptions are made for group of people.

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15€ Per person


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Within 24-48 hours

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Organic vineyard

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