Dehesa de Luna Rosé 2018, the first wine ecological winery

La Roda (Albacete), April 2,019. Dehesa de Luna Finca Reserva de Biodiversidad can already say that it has its first organic wine in the market. Dehesa de Luna Rosé 2018 is born with this seal that certifies that the vineyards and the winery are ecological. These vineyards grow in a unique environment where nature is breathed and in which fauna and flora coexist in a perfect gear that allows a viticulture that respects the environment where it develops.

With Dehesa de Luna Rosé 2018 a new stage begins in the winery. From this vintage and this wine, all Dehesa de Luna Finca de Biodiversidad wines will be guaranteed to be made with organic vines.

Dehesa de Luna Rosé goes on the market not only with the prominence of being the first ecological of the winery. With this new vintage, it presents a new image that follows the line of other wines in the winery that shows the variety of birds that live in this natural area.

For the new Dehesa de Luna Rosé label, the thrush has been incorporated, a migratory bird that during the winter months remains in these lands of Campo de Montiel, since one of its main habitats are olive trees, and Dehesa de Luna has 44 hectares of olive trees of the picual variety.

Dehesa de Luna Rosé 2018 has been made with the Cabernet Sauvignon variety from La Mata de la Culebra, one of the vineyards that make up Dehesa de Luna. To achieve its characteristic color, which follows the French style of Provencal wines, the extraction of the must is done by a gentle and rapid pressing of the vintage without destemming.

Dehesa de Luna Rosé 2018 is intense in aroma, highlights the white fruit, such as apple, and in the mouth it is fresh and alive with floral notes, which make it ideal to accompany spring and summer meals, such as pasta, salads, as well as To enjoy in the appetizer.

Finca Dehesa de Luna Dehesa de Luna has 3,000 hectares of land, of which almost 1,000 are dedicated to agriculture. The remaining 2,000 hectares are formed by masses of Mediterranean forests and reforested plots with native species. The vineyard is made up of 64 hectares divided into 4 plots: El Viñazo, La Mata de la Culebra, La Cañada del Navajo and La Noria de Luna.

RRP: € 8.5 - 6,500 bottles

Notes to the Editor: Finca Dehesa de Luna, Biodiversity Reserve, is located in the Campo de Montiel and is a natural environment of special interest for the richness of its fauna and flora and it is here where Dehesa de Luna has created its vineyard of 64 hectares Since 2001, the winery team has dedicated its effort and passion in creating a unique vineyard in Spain. In April 2012, the Dehesa de Luna winery was inaugurated. The brands that it produces are: Dehesa de Luna Origins, Dehesa de Luna Rosé, Dehesa de Luna Garnacha Blanca, Dehesa de Luna Graciano, Dehesa de Luna Tempranillo, Dehesa de Luna Garnacha Tintorera, Purgapecados and Gran Luna.

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