Purgapecados 2016, history, design and viticulture

La Roda (Albacete), October 2,019. Purgapecados 2016 is the wine of Dehesa de Luna Finca Reserva de Biodiversidad most special of the winery. Its label, style, name and history make it a unique wine within Dehesa de Luna. Purgapecados combines the philosophy of the winery to create wines with personality, very different from each other, and a viticulture and technology that respects the nature that lives in Finca Dehesa de Luna.

Dehesa de Luna, before the confiscation of Mendizábal, was part of an estate of 15,000 hectares and a part of this large estate was called Purgapecados. Here was Saint Teresa of Jesus on February 16, 1,580. She passed by on her trip from Malagón to Villanueva and tired of the trip spent the night in these lands. Popular tradition tells us that he drank the wine from these vineyards and, with it, revitalized body and spirit to continue his journey the next day. As a tribute to this story and to such an illustrious traveler, Dehesa de Luna created the Purgapecados wine, also in honor of some lands that centuries ago already produced quality wines.

Purgapecados 2016 is the fifth vintage of the most different wine in the winery. It is born from a plot of a single hectare of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, driven in a vertical axis that provides a ventilated and illuminated microclimate in the leaves and clusters. In this way, direct exposure to the sun of the clusters is avoided, conditions necessary in viticulture of warm climate to obtain quality grapes.  

Purgapecados 2016 is a parcel wine that has been aged for 18 months in 225-liter French oak barrels and has remained in the bottle for 18 months. According to José Luis Asenjo, technical director of the winery, "from the choice of the plot, variety, pattern, driving system, to winemaking and aging, we have been making success after success with this wine."

The Purgapecados label also makes it a different wine. It is one of the most original on the market and was designed following the style of Dymo labeling tapes, a way of demonstrating that the important thing is inside the bottle.

Finca Dehesa de Luna Dehesa de Luna has 3,000 hectares of land, of which almost 1,000 are dedicated to agriculture. The remaining 2,000 hectares are formed by masses of Mediterranean forests and reforested plots with native species. The vineyard is made up of 64 hectares divided into 4 plots: El Viñazo, La Mata de la Culebra, La Cañada del Navajo and La Noria de Luna.

RRP: € 30 - 1,700 bottles

Notes to the Editor: Finca Dehesa de Luna, Biodiversity Reserve, is located in the Campo de Montiel and is a natural environment of special interest for the richness of its fauna and flora and it is here where Dehesa de Luna has created its vineyard of 64 hectares Since 2001, the winery team has dedicated its effort and passion in creating a unique vineyard in Spain. In April 2012, the Dehesa de Luna winery was inaugurated. The brands it produces are: Luna Origins Meadow, Luna Rosé Meadow, White Garnacha Moon Meadow, Graciano Moon Meadow, Tempranillo Moon Meadow, Tintorera Moon Garnacha Meadow and Gran Luna.

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