Dehesa de Luna Purgapecados
Dehesa de Luna Purgapecados
Dehesa de Luna Purgapecados
Dehesa de Luna Purgapecados
Dehesa de Luna Purgapecados

Dehesa de Luna Purgapecados

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These grapes make us work hard in the bodega so that we extract all the goodness that they have inside of them. We prepare this single vineyard wine in French oak vats with a capacity of 50hl. The maximum fermentation temperature can reach 28-29oC and the vinification process can last up to 30 days. The handling of the cap is a craftsmanship, based on stirring and pumping over softly. The malolactic fermentation is done in casks.

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“We made a success”. That’s what we tell people when we show them the vineyard that gives its name to the wine. Then, we open a bottle: another success. Because choosing this wine is to play it safe. And this is due to decisions such as the choice of the plot, the variety, the clone, the rootstock and the conduction system. It has all been a success due to its almost magical combination which has produced some very special grapes. When you drink it, you notice that it is full of details: it’s intense and complex on the nose, with spices, ripe black fruits; and full-bodied, deep and very lengthy in the mouth. Undoubtedly, we are facing a full expression of this variety. It’s no illusion: this is a wine that will not leave anybody indifferent. And that's what magicians call “The Prestige"


Cabernet Sauvignon


Black fruit





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