Luna Lunera Tempranillo+Syrah

Luna Lunera Tempranillo+Syrah


“A story of many stories”. That’s Orígenes. Because this is the wine that gave rise to our Bodega. With it, our story began and, thanks to it, we have created more wines, more stories. Each one with its origin and personality. For all of these reasons, this wine is our insignia. And within it, the Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet gather together every year. To maintain style and quality; and set an example to the rest of its sibling wines. The way it feels makes it exemplary: intense in the nose, where the red fruits and light reminiscences of wood integrate perfectly. Also, in the mouth. Where it is a rounded and extremely pleasant wine.

It is everything you can ask of a wine.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo.







Awards and honours

mundus vini


Tempranillo + Syrah


Young wine without aging in barrels.

Appelation of origin

PGI Wine from the Land of Castilla.


14,5% - Varietales: Tempranillo y Syrah

A wine
with character

Tasting notes

Fresh red fruits, balanced, delightful, ready to be enjoyed with no complications.

Food pairings:

Ideal to be served with appetizers, tapas and a variety of Spanish pinchos. It is also the perfect accompaniment for salads, rice, pasta and white meats.

Wine Making

The fermentation and maceration process lasted 9 days at a maximum temperature of 25°C, the main aim being the extraction of good colour, preservation of fruit aromas and a judicious extraction of tannins to allow us to fix colour and produce a lively, fresh wine to be aged over a short time. The malo-lactic fermentation was carried out in stainless steel vat.

Dehesa de Luna Orígenes

The vineyards in our meadow are witness to an idyllic natural land, away from the noise of the cities, while it is full of life.

In this magic place where Dehesa de Luna Orígenes is born, a red wine which transmit all our love to this place.

It does through interesting aromas and pleasant sensations on the palate.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo are the three varieties that gives these wines it fantastic colour and life, cultivated and processed in a sustainable way, taking care about the environment around our vineyards.

There result is a complex and medium-bodied wine, with a moderate aroma intensity and soft hints of red fruits. What we are trying to transmit is the core of our vineyards.

With all 5 senses

An organic
red wine

The Dehesa de Luna Orígenes is the ultimate expression of our love for good deeds.

This wine is born in a respectfully way, protecting the landscape and fertilisation of the soils with cover plant among our vineyards. In addition, we take advantage of every drop of water and last ray of sunshine.

This way, we can feel proud by ourselves for developing our activity within harmony with environment.

With all 5 senses

A special
red wine

This oenological jewel is ready to become a great partner with heavy dishes, like meat. Otherwise, it can be also paired with seafood and fish.

Dehesa de Luna Orígenes is a wine to enjoy about life with your people. Furthermore, doing it with glamour and a fruit aromatic and dry taste wine.

If you want to try another red wine from our winery, we recommend you Dehesa De Luna Gran Luna. Although, if you prefer a white wine, taste our Dehesa De Luna Garnacha Blanca. Find a wine for every moment!

The pleasure is in enjoying each moment with all the senses

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